New Features For DQT’s Web Based Asset Management

DQ Technologies asset management application

We’re happy to announce newly available features on our Web Based Asset Management solution.

Asset Detail Report The Asset Detail Report now includes all fields associated with asset detail. The information can be viewed on the screen can be sorted by any field and can be exported to Excel

Driver Detail Report The Driver Details report now includes all fields available from the Drivers screen. The information can be viewed on the screen, can sort by any field and can be exported to Excel.

Work Order Tab The Work Orders Tab has been enhanced to include the Total Cost amount as well as the Location field to the Work Order output information. Now when the data is displayed or exported it is quick and easy to see the dollar amounts for all work orders and which location the work order is for.

Fleet Expense Report This report has been reformatted so that the Fuel Expense dollar amount and the Work Order Expense dollar amount are now on the main “line” of the report. A filter was also added so you can select Fuel, Work Order, or both, making it easy to isolate fuel expense versus work order (repairs, etc.) expenses.

View-Only Capability There is a new User permissions option, “IS AM Read Only”, which can be set to allow a user to see all of the data in AM (such as upcoming PM’s, etc.) but not be able to add, change, or delete any of the existing data.

DQT’s Web-based Asset Management module is a one stop shop for all of your fleet management and vehicle maintenance needs. DQT AM is a repository for your vehicle information including acquisition cost, license and registration, preventive maintenance schedules and reminders, fuel costs, DVIR inspections, maintenance and repair costs, and work order management. Detailed driver information and records can be maintained as well including training, testing and compliance reporting.

For more information contact DQ Technologies or call 512-248-8324.

Jill Kinman
Marketing Manager
Phone: 512.248.8324 x170