Keep track of your fleet
– wherever you are.

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Realtime fleet tracking with our DQT GPS App


DQT GPS allows management and dispatch personnel to have comprehensive and up-to-the-minute information on fleet location from a smartphone or tablet.


Realtime Fleet Location and Reporting

DQT GPS for Android™ and iOS™ smartphones or tablets allows organizations to dynamically track the location and status of their delivery fleet.

Integrating with our ODT tracking suite, DQT GPS gives managers and dispatch personnel detailed information on the whereabouts of vehicles, including speed and direction, with the ability to narrow down by group or location.

The result is better, more up-to-date visibility on delivery status and realtime reporting on driver performance, mileage, and route information.


Check on your fleet – wherever you are

Google Pixel phone GPS tracking app
  • Live-tracking option

    A realtime view of every vehicle, its location, and delivery status

  • Filter by group, location, or vehicle status

    Sort data the way that makes sense for you

  • Run a vehicle route reply on any particular device, driver, or vehicle

    Zero-in on a particular vehicle, device, or driver

  • Extensive reporting

    Current and average speed, stop frequency, mileage, and routing




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