Training, Integration & Implementation

When you purchase a product from us it’s the start of a partnership.

We offer support including implementation, installation, training, maintenance, and any day-to-day questions. It is our goal to assist our customers so they can get the most out of our solutions.

We know you will see immediately improvements in your productivity, that isn’t where we want it to stop.

We continue to work with all our customers and partners to merge the new ideas and procedures developed by our user base with advancing computer technology to ensure ongoing improvements to our products and user experience.

Our staff is made up of people with both industry and technical experience.

We listen to our customer, take a look at current operations and set up our tools in a way that will result in the best possible operational improvements.


On-site training with real data for all users

Our goal is to have the system in place and functioning when we arrive for on-site training. The training typically consists of 3-5 days of on-site intensive hands on with users. The training is all done in real time with real data so there will be no surprises once our training representative leaves.

We provide training for every user while on site including management, operations, system administrators, and dispatch. We also work through your current processes alongside of you to show you how our software can help you make your processes more efficient.

Our integrated GPS Tracking solutions take into account all related business needs and processes and quickly illustrates where improvements can be made.

Without any extra work on the front end our integrated GPS tracking will give your back office up to the minute status updates on all orders and jobs.

Another important integration feature is DQ’s software being integrated with your POS/ERP solutions. With this integration there will be no data entry and the process of writing orders will remain the same.


Integrated GPS solutions allow ourcustomers to maximize profitability


Implementation specialists versed in the varying market requirements of all of our customers

Specialists who are operational and process experts, who go the extra mile to understand the uniqueness of any particular business.

Professionals who understand where that uniqueness can be enhanced through the use of our technology, and can expertly put a plan in place for a successful product launch that will get you well on your way to the anticipated ROI.

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