Advanced GPS Tracking With Dynamic Geofencing

Our GPS tracking solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing DQ Order Delivery Tracking software. The result is greater efficiencies that help reduce the cost of your deliveries.

GPS Tracking – and so much more

Our GPS tracking systems utilize an unobtrusive, fixed-mounted “black box” that enables your delivery staff to see the exact location of a delivery vehicle in real-time, and relate the information against actual delivery position. Easily retrace vehicle movements to determine delivery times, route verification, and cost calculations.

To provide increased choice and flexibility to meet a wide range of fleet requirements, we  offer ODTMobile, our iOS™ and Android™ mobile app.

ODT Mobile delivery tracking app

Dynamic Geofencing

The optional Dynamic Geofencing module automates delivery departure, arrival, and stop information.

Important delivery cost data is automatically captured helping make informed decisions on operations and delivery processes such as setting customer pricing, and evaluating customer service.

Order and customer information is sent directly to vehicles based on dispatch processes. When a vehicle leaves the yard/warehouse, the status of all orders associated with the delivery are automatically updated to Enroute.

Each individual order status is instantly updated as vehicles arrive and depart from specific delivery point locations, providing real-time arrival and departure time stamps.

When vehicles return to the yard/warehouse and the delivery is closed, actual mileage for the total delivery is captured by the GPS virtual odometer, and activity-based cost calculations are associated to each order.

GPS Supercharges Delivery and Logistics

Garmin GPS
  • Optimized routing and location tracking increase efficiencies, reduce unauthorized detours and traffic-related delays, and increase fuel economy.

  • Up-to-the-minute adjusted ETAs and real-time notifications on last-minute delays. Your customers know precisely when deliveries arrive.

  • Compare estimated vs. actual times and distances for more accurate cost analysis. Detailed information allows you to keep your business on track.

  • Working smarter rather than harder reduces driver downtime and waiting, while increasing productivity.

“ With the implementation of DQ’s ODT and GPS tracking we have made improvements in operations, helping create greater productivity and efficiency, all while significantly reducing the cost of delivery.”

Leonard Safrit
President, Safrit’s Building Supply

Leonard Saft portrait



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