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We’ve focused on making the dispatcher more effective by simplifying and automating the dispatch process. Easy to use tools maximize your driver and equipment investment.


Our flagship product, Order Delivery Tracking (ODT) provides dispatchers with a graphical view of every order and makes it simple to schedule based on geography, load type, vehicle capacity, or customer commitments.

Real time alerts push potential issues to dispatch for immediate attention allowing for better, more proactive, customer service.

Features include:

  • Integrated mapping tools
  • Integrated GPS tracking with Dynamic Geofencing
  • Simple optimization of scheduling and routing is realized through increased profits
  • The information dispatchers need to make decisions about delivery optimization and effectiveness
  • The ability to geographically combine orders based on; location, load type, and delivery vehicle requirements
  • A map plot view saves time and simplifies delivery decisions for everyone in the organization
  • View graphically how far vehicles are from delivery locations, ensuring accurate answers to customer inquiries
  • Delivery Route Map provides drivers with more accurate directions
  • Real time order status updates
  • Shows real time status updates allowing dispatcher to view vehicles distance from delivery location

Benefits include:

  • Mileage savings based on route optimization
  • Increase in dispatchers productivity
  • Increase on-time deliveries
  • Reduced operational costs

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