Faster, smarter, delivery and tracking

Order Delivery Tracking with Integrated GPS

Streamlined delivery planning and routing, with realtime order status and ETA visibility

Customer Service Isn’t Everything.
It’s The Only Thing

Your ability to deliver the RIGHT product at the RIGHT time is one of the main reasons why customers choose to do business with you.

But order delivery logistics and tracking isn’t so easy.

Driver rosters, complex distribution methods such as buyouts and relay transfers, as well as the sheer number of orders all contribute to add complexity to an already complicated process.

Your company’s secret weapon

Order Delivery Tracking, or ODT, helps with planning and routing while giving complete visibility of the status of every order, in real-time.

With comprehensive delivery cost reporting by order or by customer, coupled with live updates on driver location, ETAs and delays; ODT provides a complete solution to help provide enhanced customer service as well as optimizing your dispatch and logistics operations.

Why ODT?

  • Dispatch, sales and management can direct daily warehouse operations more effectively
  • Easier tracking and administration of complex transactions such as buyouts, warehouse transfers and multiple product relays between branches
  • Improved visibility to increase the number of orders going out on each run
  • Effectively measure and track time to serve on a customer-by-customer basis
  • Integration with existing POS/ERP system to help eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Optimize delivery routes and create efficient routes based on your own rules or preferences
  • Give customers realtime order tracking visibility via the web

GPS-Enhanced Order Delivery Tracking

We provide an integrated GPS tracking solution to help optimize delivery even further by allowing management to identify the drivers who are consistently performing at high or low levels.
The result is the ability to benchmark effective delivery practices and manage by exception.

  • Comprehensive Toolset

    A complete range of easy-to-user tools to locate, track, and optimize your entire fleet.

  • Realtime Location Indication

    High degree of precision showing the exact location of every delivery vehicle and display if they are heading out on a run or coming back to the store for their next delivery.

  • Checks & Balances

    Retrace vehicle movements to ensure driver compliance and create a culture of accountability within your organization.

  • Business Data Capture

    Automatically capture activity based cost data such as delivery point arrival and departure time for customer profitability reporting.

  • GPS Positioning

    Dynamic Geofencing performs automatic order status updates visible in your ODT system.

  • Navigation

    Avoid getting lost with turn-by-turn navigation included in DQ’s partner solution with Garmin™ PNDs.

“Our goal is to be the first call for parts by potential customers in the geographical territory around our stores by guaranteeing consistent, on-time deliveries. The ability to actively measure and manage our delivery performance with ODT has resulted in a significant sales improvement for our organization. When we take care of the customer, everything else takes care of itself.”

W. Michael Brown
President, Olympus Auto Parts

Mike Brown, Olympus Auto Parts

Order Delivery Tracking ROI

Realize rapid Return-On-Investment as staff culture improves and views your delivery effort as a profit center. ROI is achieved through operational process improvements, management of personnel and/or resources, fuel savings, and increased productivity.

On average a 100-vehicle fleet can expect to save between 10–15% on fuel expenses alone.

By increasing the average number of orders per run from 1.8 to 2.6, a typical hotshot business can expect to save $7,000 per month in delivery expenses.

  • Operational profits are improved by increasing the number of stops per delivery
  • Fuel expenses are greatly reduced through more effectively managed routes, turn-by-turn navigation via Garmin®, and increased driver accountability
  • Management has a more accurate picture of total cost to serve across their entire customer base
  • Customer satisfaction improves with enhancements in communication and faster consistent delivery performance
order delivery tracking return on investment



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