Our ODT System provides accurate delivery and scheduling information to dispatch, sales, and management organizations, helping to more effectively manage daily logistical operations.


ODT information is available to anyone within the organization, empowering staff, improving customer service, and increasing operational efficiency.

Combine powerful GPS tools for real-time tracking and management of your organization’s mobile resources.

We offer a wide variety of GPS tracking options to fit every businesses needs. ODT is available on for phones or tablet devices via iOS® and Android platforms and supported by all major carriers, offering complete hardware independence.

Permanent fixed mount devices are also an option and they can be integrated with Garmin® portable navigation devices allowing for turn-by-turn directions and two-way texting for drivers.

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delivery mileage reduction

reduce mileage

delivery vehicle location software

locate vehicles

delivery driver productivity

driver productivity

delivery efficiency reporting software

Efficiency Reporting

delivery tracking software

Order Tracking


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