Better Fleet & Delivery Management

Productivity solutions that track, manage, and analyze your mobile workforce.

Stay ahead of the competition

We provide a full range of delivery tracking, delivery management, advanced routing, GPS integration and tracking, mobile resource management, mobile fleet scheduling, transportation logistics, and fleet solutions.

Stay ahead of the competition

Our products seamlessly integrate with existing business systems, and provide a flexible and scalable platform to meet business growth. Build a toolset within your organization to trim costs and boost operational efficiency.

Stay ahead of the competition

Whatever your size, our solutions and world-class support provide the tools to help your organization quickly identify and adapt to challenges in business climate, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.

We are a leading provider of Order Delivery Tracking, GPS Tracking, Integrated mapping solutions, vehicle maintenance management systems, mobile workforce and sales force management tools.

Since the 1990's we have been delivering focused, yet customizable solutions across different industries, who desire to be leaders in delivering products and services to their customer.

Our products have continued to grow with the help of our customers. All of our customers have relationships with our implementation and support staff enabling us to learn their operations, listen to their needs, and respond with programming enhancements and additions. We are known and recommend by the ERP/POS software providers in our chosen marketing making integration a staple in our well-rounded solution package.

With offices in San Antonio and Idaho, DQ Technologies has been headquartered in the Austin, Texas area since our founding in 1992.


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