DQ TECHNOLOGIES Release Note ODTMobile Version 1.12 for Android Release Notes

ODTmobile app updates now including FMCSA guidelines for ELD

The latest version of ODTmobile for Android includes the following enhancements, improvements, and general application layer fixes.

Feature List:
• New Logo and Splash Screen – simplify login screen management. Initial step towards mobile SSO user access.
• Site Survey Feature – providing drivers the ability to complete an initial delivery safety inspection of a job site. Available at the customer list level, with a Pink icon indicating open or complete.
• ELD logins now prompt and require a response from a previously logged in device when resolving vehicle Selection conflicts. If that resolution is not made within 60 seconds, driver will be allowed to proceed with vehicle selection.
• Vehicle Selection by Location/Group limit. Allows administrators to setup user level location visibility access at the driver layer. When a driver with a location/group assignment logs in, they will only be able to view and select vehicles from their assigned location(s).
• Vehicle/User Sync. Companywide or location wide setting that will allow for an automatic update of the ODTmobile Delivery Tracking user, based on vehicle selection Device ID assignment. This will allow the driver to select a vehicle, and not have to worry about a matching Device ID setting in the user section. It will simplify ODTmobile updates, and allow for more flexible tablet and smart phone deployments.
• Major Android API compatibility update, current target API v. 26 compatible. Will allow for future release compatibility as Android updates are pushed out to field devices through the next several Android revisions.

ELD Enhancement Notes:
• Re-Selecting the same Vehicle sends a false Clear Vehicle to the Event Log
• Select Vehicle now generating additional necessary records for Co-drivers
• Clear Vehicle now generating additional necessary records for Co-driver
• Driver and CoDriver Switching Roles should will now produce a Logout and Login events for both users as they switch
• DutyStatus icon updating improvements when Auto DutyStatus change occurs
• Driver Dashboard Chart improved response
• Driver Dashboard Chart Start of Day/End of Day Improvements
• Driver Event Log fix to improve Driver Start of Day
• Added Yard Move (YM) and Personal Conveyance (PC) annotations to the Driver Log Chart
• Improvements to access of ELD User Guide from app layer
• Driver Logout w/CoDriver should produce three Events in Event Log