News Release – New Product Customer App

We have taken end user app delivery to a new level with our latest DQTRest API and Customer Portal Smart App design tools. This solution allows our customers to quickly build and deliver their own mobile application directly to their customers. The app provides users with instant and up to the minute delivery related data for all of their orders. The app design also allows users to “self-serve” automatic status update notifications, view real-time ETA data, and show proof of delivery signatures.

Keep your Customers In the Know With DQT Customer Portal APP/Access API:

• Enable your customers to track the delivery status of all their in-house truck orders
• See where the delivery vehicle is with up the minute GPS location updates
• Custom push notification settings to automate the information you receive
• Track orders from time they are placed to when it arrives on site
• Recall point of delivery information, including delivery pictures and signature capture
• User defines profile, job account selections, and push notification preferences